Space Skilling Saturday 102 (an almost silent night)

Start Location:- Calypso Space
Time:- 1902 MA .
Present:- Scarlott, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads A Christmas hangover

Once I had summoned Scarlott and Wolta, I needed to re log as the TT aboard ship was not working, in the real world you would bang it a couple of times, in EU the equivalent is a re-log, just as well really, the Christmas’ hangover prefers the quieter option.

We were soon under way with Wolta at the helm, I sat at the top rear gun during departure and spotted a hostile Quad give chase but it was not quick enough and we reached the safe zone around Crystal Palace before it could open fire, pity as I had it in my sights and with the hangover was feeling mean!

Once in the zone Wolta soon collected a decent group of Cosmic Horrors and we were busy in Engineering maintaining the systems. The first time I was called to the turret we scored a half global (roughly), sadly that was the best loot of the evening although I did manage to gain quite a lot of Nova, I’m thinking in future we could give each session a Nova rating.

After about 75 minutes Wolta relinquished the helm to me, we had planned to give Scarlott another go as pilot but she declined today. I continued for about 75 minutes and managed to get the ship to smoke a couple of times before heading back to Crystal Palace.

We did not chat much today, a few comments but not as much as usual, I know I had my sound turned down and that Wolta was also the worse for wear after yesterday’s festivities, apparently Scarlott was only suffering from a fudge hangover. Pretty much nothing happened. I returned to the planet in my Quad without incident, Scarlott took the TP and Wolta logged aboard ship.

The return was a poor 58% with as loss of 94 PED, that was MA’s Christmas gift to us Sleepyheads.

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