Space Skilling Saturday 101 (Scarlott gets alien head)

Start Location:- Calypso Space
Time:- 1855 MA .
Present:- Scarlott, Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads, Yuletide disruptions

Both Nocturaline and Phil were indisposed by the real world Yuletide and Kahlan had PC issues so we were down to just 3, a bit like old times.

Once all 3 of us were aboard I presented Scarlott with her Alien head making her an official Sleepyhead.

Wolta and I split the piloting duties into two 90 minute shifts, with Wolta taking the first one. While she was building her first stack I set up the #Sleepyheads channel and sent invites to all crew both on and off line. Wolta, Nocturaline and myself have been using #PathfinderXXXI since channels came into being, we shall transition to #Sleepyheads and I shall change the usage of #PathfinderXXXI. Wolta reported many Cosmic Horrors and had no problems building stacks, certainly Scarlott and myself were kept busy in Engineering, later Wolta was pleased to report she had been getting good skills. Sadly the loot had been quite poor.

I take the second shift at the helm, I also found plenty of mobs but I did not check my skill gains, our luck improved and we managed 2 globals one of 63 the other 125 PED. I did spot a single friendly Quad out hunting, once the pilot realised we were skilling he/she moved away, most considerate, thank you whoever you were.

I did not complete the 90 minutes but after about 75 relinquished the helm to Scarlott and provide some instruction in aggravating the Horrors and how to get them into a tight grouping so as to make things easier for the gunner. She did well but needs more awareness of the turret locations, we will make sure this happens. Whilst this was going on  Nocturaline made it on-line and joined in the conversation. After I killed the Horrors gathered by Scarlott she took us back to Crystal Palace on the way spotting Saratoga which appeared to be adrift, once there both Wolta and Scarlott logged.

I need to work out a pilot rota with length of time spent at the helm being related to the size of RK the person can use, I already have an idea but will work it out this week.

Hunting results are good, a return of 130.43% gives a profit of 79 PED.

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