Warp pickup + a run in with an old adversary

Whilst in Ancient Greece I was contacted by an established client. They required a warp transport from Rocktropia to Calypso Space Station. I stored my lootables and after returning to Next Island headed to the ship. The warp from Next Island to Rocktropia seemed to take a very long time and I was beginning to wonder if I was trapped in warp space, I was just writing a message to the client when I emerged very close to Rocktropia Space Station and after minor sub-warp manoeuvres docked and turned to be ready for departure.

After summoning the client and allowing them time to log-off I set off again, this warp was unremarkable, on arrival I did notice micjack lurking near the station but the ship was too close for him to be a threat and the sub-warp docking manoeuvres were quickly executed. I tweeted news of a safe arrival and went downstairs to welcome the client back on-line.

After the client had departed I manoeuvred the ship close to the Space Station entrance before heading directly to Crystal Palace, an activity that did not escape the attention of micjack who positioned himself so as to be able to attack as soon as the safe zone was exited. Confident of the ships ability to withstand such an attack I continued on regardless with a Local broadcast of “evening micjack” which was ignored while he proceeded to shoot at the vessel for the full duration of the transit. Little damage was sustained, I suspect he was gauging the ships Structural Integrity. Once docked repairs were made in readiness for departure.

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