Warps: Rocktropia – Crystal Palace – Next Island

Warp 1: Rocktropia – Crystal Palace.
This was a training warp for TigerPaw, we had left the Rocktropian surface in Bad Moon Rising and once aboard the Pathfinder I added her to the ship’s guest list. We spent a few minutes talking about command icons used and setting these up in readiness.

Some time was spent just manoeuvring about the station and getting the feel of the ship before TigerPaw took us out of the safe zone and warped us to Crystal Palace. We emerged quite close to the destination and docked speedily before some Sub-warp manoeuvres around and into Crystal Palace during which time 2 quads were spotted, 1 of which was hostile. A good first warp in my humble opinion.

Warp 2: Crystal Palace – Next Island.
I left Crystal Palace and engaged warp as soon as possible, emerging very close to Next Island Space Station with which I docked in my customary position for a planetary Space Station. I saw no other active vessel during this trip or during my descent to the surface of Next Island in my quad.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

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