Space Skilling Saturday 78 (Space Loot Sucks recently)

Location:- Rocktropian Space.
Time:- 1750 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads forgot to make team

Wolta was having some difficulty at Arkadia Space Station, micjack was going to shoot her but she did not want this. Nocturaline, Phil and I set off early so that we could warp to pick Wolta up should the need arise. Wolta and micjack stood in the station waiting. Wolta logged for 10 minutes in the hope that micjack would get distracted. When she logged back in she headed out with micjack in pursuit and fortunately managed to warp before he destroyed her. We met in the Rocktropia Training Grounds and her Equus did look rather beaten up. Well done Wolta.

In the training grounds it was very easy to find Horrors to start with, it became more difficult but not bad. I visited the guns 3 times during my shift, loot was quite good to begin with but that fell off. Skill gains were not bad and happily I gained a level in Captain.

Wolta took the next shift, reporting that Horrors were easy to find and she called me to a turret after just 10 minutes. It seems the Horrors remained easy to find judging by how busy we were in Engineering. I manned the guns 3 times, loot was poor on all occasions. Wolta reported a good skill gain of over 7.5%.

Nocturaline took the last shift, almost immediately reporting that there were many Horrors to be seen and shortly after that there was good skill spam. Again things were busy in Engineering and again the loot was bad with one exception though not exceptional enough to be a global. Space loot has sucked for at least a month. Nocturaline reported a Captain skill gain of nearly 6%.

Nocturaline took us back to Rocktropia Space Station.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

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