Space Skilling Saturday 65 (Say it with a global)

Location:- Calypso Space.
Time:- 1755 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil, Yoghurt and Myself.
Team name:- Congrats to JBK and ABK (nee S)

I moved the ship from Crystal Palace to Calypso Space Station prior to starting so as to be ready to summon Nocturaline before picking Wolta up whilst passing Crystal Palace on the way to the training grounds. As a plan it worked well, always a worrying sign.

We arrived at the training ground about 1905 and initially I had some problems finding Cosmic Horrors, they were quite thinly spread but that changed and I found the density to be about right, skill gains seemed reasonable too. I made three trips to different Top Front Side turrets with very little success. Yoghurt joined us at about 1945 after travelling from Calypso in his Quad.

Nocturaline took the second shift. During her stint I visited the Bottom Rear Left, Top Rear and Top Front Left turrets (the last one twice), the loot was about the same with the exception of an 8 PED loot, things were looking bad. Then during the very last visit and on the penultimate kill we managed to say it with a global. During this time Wolta had an issue with lag and was forced to relog, which resolved the issue. I asked Nocturaline to report on her session, skills a bit low, mob density average, there were more in another area but Starfinder III was there so we could not occupy it with out appearing threatening, Nocturaline was also distracted by Space Chat where an idiot who shall remain nameless was preaching.

Wolta was up next, starting a few minutes late. During her session I visited the Bottom Rear Right, Yoghurt reached lvl 5 VSE, I visited the Top Front and got a brief glimpse of Starfinder III but little else, later it was Top Front Right at which point Wolta had to hand over to Nocturaline due to lag again while dispatching the Horrors. I asked Wolta to report but the issue with lag made it impossible so we called it a night.

Nocturaline handed over to Yoghurt for the journey back to Crystal Palace and sat in a turret to provide a little crew training.

Not a good return tonight but at least we got the fanfare.

From the desk of
Chela Bias.

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