Space Skilling Saturday 64 (The Usual Suspects)

Location:- Rocktropian Space.
Time:- 1755 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads Alarm set for 15:26

Starting ahead of time seems to be becoming a bit of a trend, I am impressed by the eagerness of the Sleepyheads. Before leaving I acquired a new RK-5 from Nocturaline (thank you) and having noticed that Yoghurt was not on-line asked about her Soc. mate, Nocturaline could tell me no more than that he was not on-line. I did keep an eye on my FL but he did not appear.

After summoning Wolta from the surface of Rocktropia I took us out toward the hunting grounds whilst Wolta purchased RKs from Nocturaline.

I picked up one Horror while approaching the zone but once in it I found the distribution very sparse and it took a long time time for me to build a decent stack, I had tried various z values and found the most to be at about – 200 but even these were thinly spread. By the time I had a decent stack I was getting next to no skills however as engineering had not had much opportunity to skill I continued with them taking considerable damage while looking for a location with a few I could pick up speedily. Once found I visited the turret and destroyed those I had in tow before beginning the process again. At the end of my session I visited the turret for a second time before handing over to Nocturaline. I had not managed to gain many skills nor kill many Cosmic Horrors.

Initially Nocturaline reported having more luck finding the beasts than I did but towards the end of her hour that changed and she was scrabbling around trying to find enough to cause a decent amount of damage. During his hour I was called to the turrets 3 times and selected the Bottom Rear Left, the Top Rear and the Top Front Left with none of them providing much loot.

Wolta took the last hour, I did not notice an increase in activity in Engineering so I suspect that she also had some difficulty finding Horrors, again I had 3 sessions in the turrets this time the Bottom Rear Right, the Top Front and the Top Front Right. It was during the first of these that I got the best loot of the evening with a value of about 24 PED. There was a significance to the time used in the team name that only Wolta would have noticed but she did not.

Tonight’s entertainment was for Nocturaline “In death it ends”, for Wolta “Christine and the Queens” plus some Brittany music and for myself a “Mike and Mike” and a “Cthulhu” podcast.

I have noticed that I do not provide very good reports of Nocturaline’s and Wolta’s sessions at the helm, I will need some kind of report from them in order to do so as all I can give is an impression formed from how busy I am in Engineering. I shall endeavour to ask them for a report at the end of their sessions in future.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

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