Space Skilling Saturday 61 (they will learn to love it)

Location:- Rocktropian Space.
Time:- 1900 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads dreaming the dream

Wolta had told me earlier in the day that she may be late and to start without her. So I took the seat and headed out with just Nocturaline and Phil aboard at 1900.

I encountered 2 Cosmic Horrors before I got into the training ground and once there found plenty more without difficulty, they were giving good skills too. About 10 minutes in Wolta came on line and about 10 minutes after that was ready to warp, all stop was initiated and I gave Wolta our position then looked for the warp trace. A few minutes later I spotted the trail and followed it in, Wolta arrived quite a long way below us, the trail ended but there was no triangle, I began to descend and it was not long before the green triangle showed and she was aboard.

Very soon the Horrors were no longer giving skills so I took to the guns and destroyed them, the loot was not good. Shortly after this both Nocturaline and Wolta suffered a disconnect. I built a second stack and spent the rest of my stint herding them, killing them off only at the end of my session, again the loot was poor.

I handed over to Wolta who also quickly built a stack giving us plenty of work in Engineering and very quickly drained them of the skills they gave, killing them off from the top rear gun I got very little loot for a third time. Another 20 minutes and again I was called to the guns this time the bottom rear right, I’m sure you can assess the value of the loot. Wolta told us that she does not like the lower rear guns, after I explained that I would use them until she loved them she told us that she loved them and hated the top rear gun, I’ll show her. Wolta also reported that skills were good tonight. When I was called to the turrets for the last time I took the bottom rear left whilst I laughed like a drain, Nocturaline found it funny but Wolta stayed quiet! After a few kills I managed a 9 PED loot and whilst reeling from this managed a small global on the very next horror, some of these do have pockets.

Nocturaline took the helm next. She also reported getting good skills. My first visit to the turrets was to the top front left, loot of course had returned to its former status, clearly I was being over optimistic. Nocturaline continued to comment on the high skill gains. My next turret was bottom rear left, when I called it Wolta said “nananan you have a bottom too Nocturaline ahah” I’m so lucky to have such a mature and sober crew, probably a reflection of my leadership. My next trip was to the bottom rear right, which made Wolta laugh again, the position was very good and I did get a 36 PED loot out of it. There was one more session in the turret and again I chose bottom rear right. They will learn to love it, they will.

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