Warp, Arkadia to Crystal Palace.

At login I did not head to the surface of Arkadia as I had some offline messages from and old friend requiring a warp transport from Arkadia to Calypso and she was online although not responding to PMs. I waited and my patience was rewarded. I let the Sleepyheads know of the impending transport and that I would be OK doing this alone as it could be done with the client logged off.

On summons Wolta did respond and headed to Engineering. I explained to the client that she could stay logged in and just log out if we ran into trouble.

I took the helm and headed straight for Arkadia, 2 red triangles were sighted but I ignored them and they ignored me. Warp was initiated after a count of 10 from entering PVP and we arrived close to Crystal Palace, the Sub-warp time taking about 15 seconds. I showed our client to the TP and subsequent TPs to get to Calypso. Then returned to the ship.

Having only about an hour left online before I needed to go Wolta kindly offered to take the ship back to Arkadia at Sub-warp. The first part of which I sat in a turret. I logged out as we approached Zeus Space Station. When I logged in again we were safely at Arkadia Space Station. Later I spoke with Wolta who told me the journey was without incident.

From the desk of
Chela Bias.

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