Space Skilling Saturday 50 (-2 again)

Location:- Calypso Space.
Time:- 1900 MA.
Present:- Wolta and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads, hitting snooze

Started a couple of minutes late due to me not quite finishing a Kreltin hunt early enough.

Wolta took us out from Crystal Palace and before I knew it we were in the hunting zone, either they moved it or I dozed off, those turret seats are rather comfy. On arrival in the zone Wolta reported a lack of Cosmic Horrors. It gave me a chance to drink some coke, I had not had time to make coffee, I hope it will keep me awake. After about 50 minutes Wolta handed the helm over to me, though I killed the collected Cosmic Horrors first.

I found enough Horrors to keep Wolta busy and had to stay out of their way for a while so the ship could be repaired enough for me to get close and kill them, the killing went well with a 106 PED global. After I had gathered a small herd Wolta went to make dinner so I killed them and then repaired the ship before Wolta returned. At which point I took the helm again and collected another group of Horrors which gave very few skills, after killing this group I returned to Engineering and once we repaired the ship Wolta took the helm for a second time.

Again Wolta said there were not many Horrors to be found but I seemed busy enough repairing and was concerned that my RK-20 might not last the night.

40 minutes later we switched roles again, the first thing I did was kill off the herd Wolta had collected, getting one decent loot in the process. I then collected a herd of my own, gaining more skills than earlier, once I had exhausted their potential I killed them before setting course for Crystal Palace, where we docked.

Wolta was listening to Joe Cocker, his recent death is a great loss, though he had recorded many songs I feel sure he had more to sing. I began the session with Jazz Lineup on BBC radio 3 and moved onto the usual podcast catch up session.

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