Warp, Arkadia to Crystal Palace.

After yesterday’s poor decision I decided to get to the Calypso system in haste as I had very little time available to me this evening. I wanted to partake in Merry Mayhem and I realised I was carrying a few lootable items so Crystal Palace storage was looking rather attractive.

The ship had been docked in its usual place, functioning as a marker at the edge of the safe zone around the Space Station on the way to the planet. So I just fired up the thrusters and headed straight for Arkadia before engaging the Warp drive. The ship reorientated it’s self and headed into warp right through the safe zone.

Emerging from warp quite close to Crystal Palace I fired the thrusters again and headed into the sage zone, docking this time inside one of the domes. Again I saw no other active ship.

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