Space Skilling Saturday 48 (Leaving Rocktropia).

Location:- Rocktropian Space.
Time:- 1900 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads. More Coffee Now!

We started on time leaving Rocktropia Space Station just as the clock struck 7. I had been careful today not to drink any alcohol and I had prepared coffee to keep me going.

I took the first shift after piloting from the space station. There were enough Cosmic Horrors around to quickly build up a decent stack to keep Engineering busy and to my surprise they gave skills for a long time. I only had 2 sessions at the turret one half way through and one at the end, loot was poor. I did have to get out of the pilot seat on one occasion as Engineering were not quite keeping up with me.

Nocturaline took the helm next she was close to level 19 Captain and was very likely going to get there tonight. At the start of her shift I made some more Coffee. On my return I gained a level in Telepath, go figure. After 35 minutes Nocturaline reported she had gained her Captain level. Shortly afterwards I visited the turret for the second time during Nocturaline’s stint and got a loot of about 20 PED as well as some smaller ones. We had big problems with chat lag it seems only Local is reliable and it took me a while to respond to Nocturaline’s 3rd call to a turret, when I did the first kill was in the 30 PED region. After this Nocturaline relinquished the chair.

Wolta was next up, at this change over I did not get more coffee as I was wide awake and coping with multiple tasks including the writing of this log, without any issues. Wolta soon had us busy in Engineering, chat became a bigger issue with all channels taking more than 5 minutes and I suspect some messages getting lost. The team information vanished from my screen, I tried to recreate but could not, I tried a re-log after which when I tried to create a team I was told I was already a member of one! Chat messages are not going missing but they were not appearing in the same order they were sent. We could not communicate well enough to hunt and Wolta headed to the Space Station to get rid of her stack, disappointing. After sometime I managed to communicate with Wolta to return to the mobs, when we did I killed 2 but could not loot them, I was told the loot belonged to someone else! What a complete fuck up. I logged and rebooted after which I could see the team widget but neither Nocturaline or Wolta appeared in my friend list. I invited Nocturaline by clicking on the avatar and then headed to the bridge to invite Wolta, once done it was possible to kill and loot the Cosmic Horrors which had waited so patiently. It was not worth the effort. Returning to repair we continued for a short while before heading to Erebos, the chat lag continued on and off mostly on, even the decision to go to Erebos was difficult.

We planed to overnight at Erebos and for Wolta to take us to Cyrene tomorrow morning. However after Wolta had piloted us to Erebos I noticed that Zeus was only about 35 minutes away. Wolta logged and with Nocturaline in a turret I took the helm and steered us toward Zeus. The journey was uneventful and on docking at Zeus Space Station both Nocturaline and Myself logged.

Post Script:-The following morning (Sunday the 14th of December 2014) I logged in to find the ship already at Cyrene, I had slept late due probably to too much coffee. Nocturaline reported that the trip from Zeus to Cyrene was “Quiet”.

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