Space Skilling Saturday 46 (New Blood? )

Location:- Calypso Space.
Time:- 1900 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil, Hans and Myself.
Team name:- Sleepyheads @Gavlebocken time

We started on time and with a new crew member trying out, one Hans Penguin Black. There was no pirate activity at Calypso Space Station, there was no activity at all. After the summons I took us to Crystal Palace where Wolta boarded and then onto the training grounds. With an extra pilot we each had just 45 minutes at the helm. I elected to just collect as many Cosmic Horrors as possible and after 40 minutes jump into a turret and have at them. This worked well as it gave the crew lots of repair work to do, I got decent skills but could have done better with fresh Horrors. The end was nice though, even managed us a 110 PED global.

Wolta took over from me and while she kept us all busy we chatted with Hans, introducing him to how us Sleepyheads do things, it seems it is a bit different to what he is used to, I explained that the piloting stint was   earned by repairing for other pilots and that we all rely on each other to gain skills while aboard. I was called to a turret twice during Wolta’s stint, the second time being right at the end to clean up before Hans tried his hand at the helm, say that 3 times quickly whilst drunk.

Hans was next up, he took a lot of damage and we were all very busy in repairs, at the end of his stint we tried to kill the stack but I could not get the gun to see many of the Horrors as the ship was in the way. I killed what I could but what I was asking Hans to do was not happening, in the end I had to ask Nocturaline to pilot so that we could finish this stack off and continue with the session. I think a little training may be required.

Nocturaline soon had us busy again, well 3 of us anyway, it seems the explanation regarding earning a place in the pilots chair had fallen on afk ears. We continued as normal Skilling and killing. Nocturaline called me to a turret 3 times during her session.

Hans needed to go to Cyrene whilst the Sleepyheads were heading to Next Island. I explained the quickest way was for him to space himself, die and revive at Crystal Palace, which he did. Nocturaline then warped us to the middle of Next Island training grounds, not sure why. We then headed to and docked at the Space Station with Wolta and Nocturaline descending to the surface and me feeding the animals before logging to write this.

Nocturaline listened to gogol 1er et la horde. Wolta to Pigalle and Raphael, Hans was watching Justified, I forgot to listen to anything and I have lots to catch up on.

In case you are wondering @Gavlebocken is the twitter handle.

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