Do the Sub-Warp Shuffle

Crystal Palace to Toulan.

I knew I could not complete the entire journey in one go so I set out solo from Crystal Palace heading towards Cyrene, once clear I headed z+ and changed course for Erebos. I saw no other vessel on route and on arrival descended upon the Space Station and hung, nose down, like a whale in song. I left the ship here for an hour or so while I was off-line, maybe it was singing, maybe not.

On my return I headed z+ again and altered course for Howling Mine, I was not sure if I would be able to stay awake long enough to reach Toulan and planned to stay at howling mine overnight if necessary however on approach it became apparent that I would be able to do the entire journey without dozing off so altered course for Toulan and after a little while arrived safely and without incident.

The only ships I spotted on route where docked at Space Stations. Space chat was quite busy  though, after the announcement of changes to space it seems the pirates are rather pleased.

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