Space Skilling Saturday 43 (WoF Sleepyheads)

Location:- Calypso Space.
Time:- 1900 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil and Myself.
Team name:- WoF Sleepyheads.

I launched into space with about 10 minutes to spare however I had forgotten I left the ship at Crystal Palace, there was some pirate activity and one clearly wanted to shoot me however I was not in a position to take that risk. Fortunately Lizzy was still here so she kindly brought the ship to me. As Lizzy approached I noticed the ship had a green triangle and the fair designation

Once aboard I summoned Nocturaline and Wolta and with Nocturaline and Phil in Engineering, Wolta at the helm and me in the top gun we headed out to the training grounds passing by Crystal Palace on the way.

We arrived in the training grounds about 1925 so I moved down to engineering to assist there. Engineering was a hive of inactivity but Wolta soon changed that. It was not long until I was asked to kill off the the dry mobs, the first time was with a different team name but I changed it for the second session in the turret, I hoped we could enter the competition as the Sleepyheads nation but doubted anyone would notice.

Wolta’s hour flew past and before I knew it I was at the helm. Skill gains seemed slow. I stopped 3 times to kill off the mob stack, loot was also slow. This hour also went very quickly, quite suddenly it was Nocturaline’s time.

Once again we were busy in Engineering, so busy I kept dozing off, only for a couple of seconds (I hope). As usual I killed the mobs that were no longer giving skills and they were also rather tight with the loot. The result being we failed to get an entry in WoF.

Once Nocturaline’s hour was up she took us back to Crystal Palace, where I stored what loot I had before disbanding the team and all logging to sleep.

Wolta listened to Yves Simon, Nocturaline watched a documentary about the Black Plague during the middle ages. I listened to a Cthulhu Podcast and part of a Miskatonic Musings.

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