Space Skilling Saturday 42 (Sleepyheads do it laying down)

Pre SSS, Lizzy had visited and I took the opportunity to take a sub-warp, logged off transport from Toulan to Crystal Palace.

Location:- Calypso Space.
Time:- 1900 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil and Myself. (Captain Spike did show up)
Team name:- Sleepyheads do it laying down.

This was our first session after the clocks were put back last weekend, I’m back on MA time which does make things a little easier for me.

Both Nocturaline and Wolta were on Crystal Palace, the ship was at Calypso Space Station. On issuing a summons Nocturaline answered but Wolta did not. I headed to Crystal Palace and Wolta teleported aboard. I had already acquired an RK-5 and an RK-20 from Nocturaline, Wolta needed to do the same and while she did this I took the ship out of dock and began the journey to the Calypso Training Ground. Part way through the journey Wolta took the seat and I headed below decks.

Once in the zone, Wolta soon had us working hard in Engineering and it was not long before I was called to a turret to despatch the first batch of Cosmic Horrors, surprisingly one of them gave up some decent loot. The second time I was called to a turret I also got a decent loot and it included a generic fuse which is needed to make warp drives. On my last calling of Wolta’s stint there were many mobs to kill but all of them were poor.

Nocturaline was next into the seat. Chat was ridiculously laggy, oft times more than a minute, it made things quite difficult and was quite frustrating. During my second visit to the turret I managed a decent global and shortly after a decent loot from another Horror. Other loots were not so good, at the end of Nocturaline’s session I killed off the mob stack before taking the helm.

I struggled all the way through my stint at the helm, my head fell frequently to my chest and my eyes did not want to stay open, even when in a turret finishing off the stack I struggled, in the end it got too much for me, I finished off the mobs on the ship and then headed for Crystal Palace.

Everyone was keen to go and sleep, this putting the clocks back just means we all stay up an hour latter, no wonder we were all even bigger Sleepyheads than usual, it probably explains the lag too!

Tonight’s entertainment was:- Wolta listens to Veronique Samson, Nocturaline watches L’aventure c’est l’aventure and I listened to a Mike and Mike podcast and then a reading of “The Temple” and “Call of Cthulhu” from

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