Warp, Arkadia to Crystal Palace.

For Wolta’s Birthday Hunt we needed to get to Calypso, with a quick stop at Crystal Palace, so with Wolta at the helm we headed away from Arkadia Space Station, entered warp and emerged close to Crystal Palace. Wolta took us in and we docked without incident.

One quick visit later we headed toward Calypso Space Station and were attacked by a quad, I was in a gun at the time but the quad was not within my arc of fire, I switched to a gun that would be able to hit the miscreant but the time taken to leave one gun and enter another meant he was out of range by the time I could get him in my sights. No mater the ships SI while not huge was enough to deter him.

We had a brief discussion as clearly we would be attacked on route to the surface the outcome of which was that we should return to Crystal Palace to take on the Kreltin instead of the intended Feffox.

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