Space Skilling Saturday 41 (Captain Spike)

Location:- Arkadian Space.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Captain Spike and Myself.

We started on time with Wolta taking us to the training grounds and piloting for the first hour. Captain Spike was in command in Engineering with me doing the grunt work and occasionally manning the guns to dispose of Cosmic Horrors. I was kept busy, you have to concentrate much one when you are the only repairer, writing this log distracted me a little too much more than once.

As there was only 2 of us active we took a break of about 30 minutes after Wolta’s stint at the helm for dinner and beer replenishment.

As I headed out I encountered Kronan which was skilling with many Cosmic Horrors in tow, I feared I may not find many to take damage from. I need not have worried but it did take a little time before I got a decent number of Horrors. Skills were quite good and the loot was not appalling. I was struggling to stay awake almost the entire time and am fairly sure I slept for a few seconds here and there.

Entertainment was provided for Wolta by Serge Gainsbourg and for me by the usual assortment of podcasts, I’m always trying to catch up with these, as well as listening to several links Wolta sent me.

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