Warp transport, a long time coming!

An existing client required an off-line warp from Arkadia to Calypso. I was on Calypso at the time and the only on-line Sleepyhead. The client was not in a hurry and asked if I could be there in 2 hours, which of course I could be.

I finished at auction and headed into the big black in my quad, there was one red triangle visible at Calypso Space Station, I ignored it and headed to Crystal Palace where I had left the ship, the red triangle ignored me back.

Aboard ship I headed out from Crystal Palace and once clear went -z for a while before altering course toward Arkadia, with the course set and both sub-warp and auto-pilot engaged. I spent some time cleaning the ship, the beer rings on the Propulsion unit were a bastard to remove, I will have to have words with the Sleepyhead!

On approach to Arkadia Space Station I notified the client who did not respond, I docked and stood by awaiting their communication. After a while I <coughed> and was responded too. Within minutes the client was aboard, off-line and I was heading -z again, I levelled off, plotted the warp re-entry point, engaged the Warp-Drive and crashed to desktop! I had to wait the full minute before I could re-connect, I jumped into the seat and found I had arrived at Calypso Space Station and needed only docking manoeuvres to complete the journey. I had not realised the Auto Pilot was so good but the decay is high.

I announced the ship’s arrival and waited for client re-log, was paid promptly and after the client had left the ship I manoeuvred to the Outer Marker before logging.

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