Space Skilling Saturday 37 (Hunting at Calypso)

Location:- Calypso.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil & Myself.

We started a few minutes late, I asked who would like to pilot first and as no one responded I did it myself. The journey out takes nearly 15 minutes which is a bit of a drag. Once in the zone I tested to see if I could leave the seat and to my surprise I could, not needing a re-log I started collecting Cosmic Horrors and worked on getting them into as tight a group as possible whilst taking damage so that the rest of the Sleepyheads had something to do. After about 25 minutes I was getting almost no skills from them so I pulled up along side jumped into the lower starboard turret then killed and looted the lot. It was like a drive by shooting without the drive by. I collected more mobs and then did it all again after which my hour was up so I handed over to Wolta.

Initially damage was quite small, I had the same problem, the mobs were quite thinly spaced and getting heavy damage only happens once there are a few mobs in a small area.  Once a few mobs had been gathered the amount of damage requiring repair was significantly increased. Wolta cut her session a little short at about 50 minutes probably not taking into account the 15 minute offset caused by the travel time to get to the zone in the first place.

Nocturaline was next to the helm, I headed to the front turret where the mobs were all killed. After about 30 minutes we killed some more and 20 minutes later a few more were totalled and a few more a little after that. By then it was 2105 so Nocturaline found a couple of mobs and we stopped repairing allowing the ship to blow.

Back at Crystal Palace we repaired the ship before going our separate ways.

Tonight’s entertainment was provide by, for me Mike & Mike, Inside the Huddle and Eye on College Football, I was about 4 days behind. For Wolta it was Patti Smith and for Nocturaline it was Hittar Cuesta.

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