Space Skilling Saturday 35 (Hunting at Next Island)

Location:- Next Island.
Time:- 1755 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil & Myself

We left Calypso Space Station on time with Nocturaline at the helm, she took us to Next Island hunting grounds at warp. The pre-warp manoeuvres were unnecessary but entertaining.

Arriving in the middle of the hunting grounds has its advantages and it was not long until we were busy in Engineering, while I attempted to update my hand written log. I was hunting so when the Cosmic Horrors gave no more skills I jumped into a gun and killed them, almost blowing the ship the first time.

With Wolta at the helm things continued a pace in engineering and again I got to kill some Cosmic Horrors though we very nearly failed to loot the first group. Again we stopped to slay a few and at the end of Wolta’s stint I finished off what was left before taking the helm.

Skills were quite good, I did not try to slay or turret the Cosmic Horrors attacking the ship I just let them build up and at the end when I was getting very few skills I let them destroy the ship. We repaired and called it a night.

A good session but we need to practice the hunting side of this, there were several issues which caused me to waste ammo and none of it really went smoothly. I will talk with the Sleepyheads about methods and arrange some small practice sessions.

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