Sub-warp to Calypso

I headed away from Arkadia fairly early in the morning, having slept quite poorly I was not really with it. As I did not yet know the destination I headed for Erebos just because it is central. About 10 minutes into the flight Wolta came on line and after a brief discussion we decided to head to Calypso. Realising I had a few stackables on me from yesterday’s small hunt I deviated to Crystal Palace.

We did a little skilling in Gordon’s Belt on the way. When we were about an hour out I realised I was dozing off again so Wolta took the helm to prevent me from crashing into Calypso.

Crystal Palace was reached without issue and I deposited my stackables before we headed to Calypso Space Station and docked in our customary location before we headed to the surface in my quad. I did manage to crash into the pathfinder on the way, other than that it was a quiet journey.

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