Space Skilling Saturday 33 (Some hunting, lots of frustration)

Location:- Arkadia Space.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil & Myself.

We started a few minutes late, it’s good to have more than 2 if us again. This week I decided to hunt some of the Cosmic Horrors that are no longer giving pilot skills so I informed the Sleepyheads and created a team.

Wolta took the first shift at the helm, it did not take long until we were all busy in Engineering. After a while Wolta informed me it was time to turret the Cosmic Horrors, I headed to the guns and began shooting but failed to notice the state of disrepair of the ship, I killed 2 and looted none before the ship blew. Bad planning. After revival and repair we found there was extreme lag on the #pathfinderxxxi channel so had to use local for a while. Also there was no longer a team “box” on the screen, however i could not create another as I was still a member of a team.

We needed a better plan so decided that when the time came we needed to be fully repaired and out of range of the mobs before I went to a gun. Then we could try an run at the group.

Wolta handed the helm over to Nocturaline and at that point I again went to a gun and this time killed and looted about 6 Horrors, lag on looting was really bad to the point that I was first told the loot was claimed by someone else. The loots when they occured did show in team chat.

Nocturaline kept us busy for a while before being ready to have the Horrors destroyed. We repaired to full then I jumped in a gun and took out the group without any problems whilst Wolta and Phil kept the ship in a good enough state of repair. Not sure how many but somewhere near to 10. We repeated this process when Nocturaline came to the end of her shift at the helm and I killed about 15 more.

I was next to the helm, and soon found I was gaining good skills and taking quite a lot of damage, I headed to the Space Station to turret them before going out again, this time the Horrors were hard to find but I eventually got a decent amount. When the skills got bad I got to a gun and began blasting. I killed maybe 5 to 7 but could not loot them, at least I don’t think I could. I just got the message “The loot is claimed by someone else”, this had happened earlier but it turned out to be some bad lag. This time I did not see any loot after waiting well over 10 minutes, we had returned to the station and the rest of the Sleepyheads had logged and still I waited but nothing.

So lots of technical problems tonight, I’ll raise a support case for this as it really did impact the session.

Wolta was listening to Maxine Leforestier, I caught up with Mike and Mike as well as some Miskatonic Musings and the Cthulhu podcast. This session went really quickly.


I did try to raise a case but after typing out all the issues (took me about 20 minutes) the support site must have timed out, it asked me to login again and I lost all that I had written. Even the support site has lag!

I logged into the support site the following morning and raised a case, I also included the issue I have been having all week about not being able leave the pilot seat without a relog and the issue with the support portal last night.

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