Warp Arkadia to Calypso.

I heard someone requesting warp transport to Calypso while I was at Celeste Quarry. Once I said I could do this a second person wanted transport also. I told them the rate and made a team to add them to the Guest List before I headed spaceward in my Quad.

As soon as I was aboard I added them to the list and initiated the summons. Both paid me before the warp and neither required a logged off transport so I headed out from the station and initiated warp. We arrived quite close to the station where my customers disembarked. One of them kindly FL’d me.

I immediately set out Sub-warp to Arkadia, via Crystal Palace and Gordon’s Belt. It was as I was approaching Gordon’s Belt that I realised heading to Arkadia was the wrong thing to be doing. I have a won auction to collect from Rocktropia and some changes to make to Pamela on Calypso. I entered the belt anyway and gained some skills when attacked by the Cosmic Horrors, once again I was not able to leave the chair so waited for the ship to blow so that I could repair it and try again. Realising the lateness of the hour I headed toward Erebos Space Station where I stayed overnight.

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