Sub-warp, Zeus to Arkadia

I headed away from Zeus and into Gordon’s Belt where I took some damage, a little too much damage, I tried to leave the seat but had the same issue as before and the ship blew (I sympathise with you Bonnie but I admit it was entirely my fault). After repairs at Zeus I again headed into Gordon’s Belt and again took damage but this time I could leave the seat to facilitate repairs. I also took the opportunity to shoot a few but did not do very well however I did gain a few skill levels.

I headed then to the Arkadia Training grounds where I allowed a Cosmic Horror to destroy the ship. On revive I repaired the ship and docked it in it’s customary position before heading the the surface, there was one Quad at the Space Station, the triangle was green so I just headed straight to Arkadia, sure enough the Quad left me alone.

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