Space Skilling Saturday 32 (Green Jack Orange Wheat Beer).

Location:- Arkadian Space .
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta & Myself.

I think the title of this log deserves some explanation however I’m not sure if I’m going to supply one, only one way to find out, read on.

There was a slight beer related delay on departure and we did not head out until about 1805 with me at the helm. I found enough Cosmic Horrors to keep Wolta busy and had to make a trip mid way through my session to the station to turret the first batch at which point I almost reversed into Kronan, I turreted the second batch at the end of my session about 1920 at which point we took about 30 minutes to make and eat dinner.

Wolta took the second shift and headed out at about 1950. She certainly kept me busy, with just one repairer a lot more concentration is required to maintain the structural integrity of the ship, so not so easy to write this log this week. We visited the station to turret Horrors 4 times including the final one which ended the session at 2135, quite a long session as pilot, especially with the beer, good going Wolta.

We returned to the Arkadian surface in my quad seeing no other active vessels in the process.

These sessions are definitely more difficult with only 2 of us but the challenge is a good one. Though I have to admit I was struggling to stay awake in Engineering toward the end, I expect the beer did not help.

Maybe I’ll explain another time!

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