Space Skilling Saturday 31 (Two is too few).

Location:- Arkadian Space .
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta & Myself.

I left the Oratan event and was aboard slightly before the hour, by quarter past I was wondering where Wolta was until I realised I was an hour early. I headed out solo for about 35 minutes of pilot, gunner and repair skilling, at one point I was in the black but by the time I returned to the Space Station I was down about half a PED.

I still had a little time so I checked the Engineering Panel only to discover the warp drive was at its end of life, I swapped it out for a good one, that should save some embarrassment.

Wolta arrived on time and after she was aboard we decided to skill for an hour, stop for food and then do another hour.

Wolta took the first shift at the helm whilst I headed to Engineering, I was kept busy using the RK-20 almost the entire time and struggled to maintain the ship in good condition. After about 30 minutes Wolta brought us back to the Space Station to turret the mobs before heading out again.

After about 70 minutes we took a 20 minute break to make some dinner, when there are 3 of us we can do that in shifts but with just 2 it would be difficult.

Next it was me at the helm, skills seemed to be pretty good but Cosmic Horrors were hard to find and it took a while to get a decent amount of Horrors following us but once done things went smoothly. I had to turret them after about 35 minutes and then grab some more.

We finished a bit earlier than usual and returned to Arkadia in Wolta’s Quad Wing, the trip went without incident.

For entertainment tonight; Wolta was listening to Alain Bashung, whilst I listened to this week’s “HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast” , Thursday’s “Mike and Mike” and Episode 41 of “Miskatonic Musings”, titled “Slapping the Mollusk”.

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