An easy warp.

Whilst in Arkadia Underground, participating in this week’s Smuggler event, I was contacted by an existing customer requiring a warp from Arkadia to Calypso. After storing the lootables I headed spaceward, whilst doing so Wolta came online so I asked her if she would like to accompany us, she was ready by the time I reached the ship.

I summoned our client and Wolta, Wolta headed to engineering whilst I pointed our client at this site as a logged off transport was required. Once logoff had occurred I took the helm and headed away from Arkadia Space Station before initiating warp. We arrived close to Calypso Space Station and docking was achieved speedily.

After our client relogged and departed the ship we headed away from Calypso and warped back to Arkadia, docked and then headed for the surface in my quad.

During the entire trip I did not see any other spacecraft move hence an easy warp. Not a profitable run this one as the second warp ate most of that but a happy client is our first priority.

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