Space Skilling Saturday 29 (Back in the groove)

Location:- Calypso Space.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Phil & Myself.

We started on time although I had experienced an issue with my space map, I could no longer see any hunting areas. Turned out I had “View Areas” turned of, what a noob!

With that corrected I summoned the crew and then headed to the training grounds passing straight through Crystal Palace on the way.

Cosmic Horrors were easy to find, it did not take long before I had over 30 of the tentacled terrors chasing us. This gave me skills for almost my entire 55 minutes of active skilling. When I stopped getting skills I lured them to a location outside of the zone and left them there before returning to the zone to hand over to Wolta. Before that happened however, I spotted Starfinder III adrift, I offered assistance but received no reply, guess it’s a ghost ship.

Wolta was next at the helm, we had periods of busyness followed by periods of calm, Horrors had become harder to find, it turns out Wolta had gone too far +z. I had a chance to catch up with Bonnie and make a start on this log entry. Wolta did report poor skill gains though mine were pretty good. I will create a rota on the website/calendar so the order at the helm is different each week.

Speaking of the website, I have spent the week trying to create a passworded page for the Sleepyheads, the idea is to have a place where we can vote on where we go to post skilling. I wanted to add some RSS feeds from around the Entropia Universe so that each could make an informed decision however this turned out to be a bit tricky. It took sometime to find there was an RSS shortcode that could be used however this was not documented. I posted a ticket on the WordPress forum and had an excellent response from shawnajroberts who documented the shortcode and provided excellent assistance. As it turns out the shortcode alone will not do what I want so I have been playing with Yahoo Pipes to amalgamate and then reduce to just a few items RSS feeds from the different planets. A further issue arose in that some of the feeds do not validate so they do not show on the page. Further work is required in Yahoo Pipes, I hope to have this done by next Saturday.

Next up was Nocturaline who made it very difficult for me to continue writing this log, we took some very heavy damage and I had to pay attention to what was going on, not easy considering tonight’s drink was absinthe. Nocturaline has been making RKs lately and is kindly selling them to us Sleepyheads at a reduced rate.

After Skilling Nocturaline set course for Arkadia sub-warp and shortly after handed control over to me, we had voted while aboard (making my page somewhat redundant). The voting part of the page from polldaddy was not working, something to do with only being able to vote once a week, more work!

Tonight’s entertainment was provided by Radio 3, “Jazz Record Requests”, “Jazz Line-Up” and then the Proms where Cole Porter’s “Kiss me Kate” was being broadcast live. This provided a further distraction :-).

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