Space Skilling Saturday 27 (and on to Monria)

Location:- Rocktropian Space.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline & Myself

Started a few minutes late this week, entirely my fault I got a bit delayed on the surface.

I took first stint and really struggled to gain skills, I did get a lot of Cosmic Horrors attacking the ship but the skills from these were low. Towards the end of my shift I took the mobs back to the station to turret them. Both Wolta and Nocturaline had very little health on there RK-20s and we’re mostly using the RK-5s, I had to leave the seat once docked while they repaired, when I got back in Varayag (probably spelt that wrong) was leaving and dragging the mobs with it. Fortunately I was able to recapture them and then turret them.

Wolta was next in the chair, she struggled to find many mobs, consequently there was not much repairing going on. I did manage to get a skill gain during her session though.

During Nocturaline’s turn we took a lot of damage both Wolta and myself were busy at repair. Nocturaline reported that skill gains were normal so it looks like I missed out this week.

Wolta had to log at 2100 so Nocturaline turned toward Monria whilst I stayed in engineering until all was fully repaired. Then I moved to a gun to watch Monria as we headed toward it, I took the opportunity to write this log.

We arrived at Monria at 2205 and TPd to the station and then to the surface, after a quick look around  I logged for the day, it being rather hot and thundery.

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