Space Skilling Saturday 23 (at Next Island)

Location:- Next Island Space.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline & Myself

I had not realised that I was low on welding wire, and that both my RK-5 and my RK-20 were close to expiry, so about 2 hours before the session I made a quick supply run to Arkadia where I stocked up on all 3 items. Good job I did, when it came to RK-20s both Wolta and Nocturaline would not have lasted the session.

Vinge was unaware that we were doing this at Next Island until about 5 minutes before we were due to start. I had tried to let her know earlier in the day but her visits to EU are often very brief. She elected not to make the trip in her Sleipnir. Had she been on earlier I could have given her a lift.

We set off slightly late as we had to trade for RK-20s before we began. I took the first hour and found it easy to get a big group of Cosmic Horrors, skills were very good to start with and I managed a new level in Captain skill with which I am most pleased. I had a little over an hour at the controls and at the end had moved to an almost empty sector of the training ground.

Wolta took the next stint, judging by how quickly the SI went down she must have found quite a few mobs very quickly, Nocturaline and I were both kept busy at our repair stations while Wolta turreted the herd she had collected before returning to the training ground for more.

Nocturaline was next, first thing she did was turret what was there. After that it was business as usual, both Wolta and I were kept busy, we ended the session at 2100 MA, all of us were tired.

Space chat was active in spurts, there was an interesting conversation about what the colour of the triangles denoting vehicles means, it seems it’s a bit complicated and there is a thread on Planet Calypso Forum about it which I started to read while repairing, fortunately I realised this was a bad idea before there were any serious consequences although I did try attacking the reactor with a knife as well as using a regeneration chip on it, neither of which worked. I’ll read it tomorrow now it’s time to sleep.


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