Space Skilling Saturday 22 (Next Island here we come)

Location:- Arkadia Space.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline & Myself

We left Arkadia Space Station a few minutes before 1800 MA, Wolta took the helm, Nocturaline and myself were soon busy at repair, Wolta clearly had no problems finding mobs this week and took at least 2 herds to the turret.

Next at the helm was Nocturaline, again the repair crew were kept busy and several times the ship was close to destruction, Nocturaline did report that skill gains were poor but apparently these improved.

I took the final stint and stayed at the helm for about 80 minutes the first 15 of which was spent dragging a herd to the turret. It took me a long time to find fresh mobs which must have been frustrating for the repair crew.

At the end of my stint we set off sub-warp for Next Island, this is quite a short journey taking about 75 minutes. We headed straight for the training zone which gave us the option of blowing the ship. On approach I was looking at the planet, I do not remember it looking like that, I thought it looked greener somehow, from space it looks mountainous, almost cake like, mmmmmmmmm planet cake!<drool>

We entered the training zone where Nocturaline repaired and I tried to blow the ship, it took some time but I did it eventually, once we had revived we returned to the ship and fully repaired it before we both logged.

For sometime now I have been mulling over what name to give the ship (though that cannot be displayed unfortunately) and what name to give the crew. After last week’s skilling session I have decided that the crew should be known as “the sleepy heads”, I think it’s a suitably affectionate name and rather apt.

Entertainment this week was provided by the Miskatonic Musings podcast (Only about 6 months behind now), having finished one I started another only to find they were going to be talking about “this book is full of spiders” which I’m currently reading so rather than listen to that I went to and listened to “The Temple“.

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