Space Skilling Saturday 21 (Sleepy Heads)

Location:- Arkadia Space.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Vinge, Nocturaline & Myself

Calico had got in touch via Twitter prior to this session starting, she was wondering if I could help out one Super Muis who is a noob in her Soc. who is interested in repair skilling. Happy to do so, I asked her to ask him to FL me which he did. Once online I soon established that he was on Calypso and would not be able to get to our session this evening, there was the possibility of another time but I told him I would chat with some other pilots once they came on-line to see if I could get him into some other session. During the session I noticed Badass advertising the BIG Industries session starting at 0000 MA and after a brief conversation was able to forward Muis enough details for him to join. I do not know if he succeeded.

We left the Arkadian safe zone bang on time with me taking first stint in the chair, mobs were easy to find and I spent most of my session as pilot building the same group as skills seemed to be quite good. I did have to turret them eventually though and was in the process of gaining a new group when I noticed I had been in the chair for 1 hour and 10 minutes so I handed over pilot duties to Wolta.

Wolta piloted for the next 55 minutes and we were kept busy at repair, though I did spend a few minutes at the beginning AFK while I quickly nuked some food (that may have been my mistake). Wolta needed to turret the group a couple of times.

Nocturaline took the last 60 minutes, again we were all kept busy in the bowels of the ship but I did find myself dozing off on more than one occasion. After confessing this to the others it seemed Wolta had the same problem, so after a brief discussion we decided to end the session and Nocturaline docked us at the space station. Wolta logged, Vinge and Nocturaline left the ship before I logged also.

Entertainment tonight was a Mike and Mike podcast followed by an Inside the Huddle podcast.

As I write this my head keeps falling onto my chest, been feeling tired recently but not normally this bad, I’ll reread it before posting but will probably miss some errors.

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