Space Skilling Saturday 19 (“what happened?”, “what happened?”, “what happened?”)

Location:- Arkadia Space.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Vinge & Myself.

The usual suspects were back together again after a couple of weeks running at reduced numbers.
I took the first hour in the chair, we were attacked by a quad as we left Arkadia Space Station, the crew began repairing and the attacker gave up and retreated to the station.

Skill gains seemed quite good, I had to turret the first ball of Cosmic Horrors, the second ball caused the ship to blow. I had noticed that the Propulsion unit was being maintained whilst the Reactor was getting very little repair, clearly the crew were not paying attention! I had left the seat more than once to prevent the ship being destroyed but mistimed it when receiving a critical and the ship blew. Once we had re-materialised everyone asked “what happened?”. The timing was quite good as it was the end of my session so we repaired and then Nocturaline took us out for the second hour.

The crew where much more attentive now and Nocturaline piloted so as to bring a lot of damage to the ship, keeping all of us on our toes and very busy.

Wolta was up next and we did our first loot lottery, Vinge won the grand total of 82PEC with a guess of 4PED. Wolta brought us some good skills whilst listening to “Dark side of the Moon”. During this session Nocturaline maxed the RK-20, gratz to her.

I took the 4th stint and got a nice quantity of Horrors after us. Also enjoyed some banter with other space travellers. At the end I blew the ship again and we repaired it at the Space Station before logging.

My entertainment for the night was a week’s worth of Mike & Mike pod-casts, I had got quite a long way behind with these.

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