Sub Warp to Arkadia (part 1)

I knew I was not going to manage the whole journey in one go, I was struggling to stay awake when I set off so I decided to overnight at Zeus.

Leaving Calypso Space Station I headed across the gap toward Crystal Palace at which point I was attacked, although it was obvious that the ship’s S.I. was too high for a single quad to take it out during the crossing he just kept firing, I guess he gained a little skill but then so did I. I stopped to make repairs at Crystal Palace before heading out toward Zeus Space Station, falling asleep soon after departure and coming to about 20 minutes out of Zeus, quite lucky that, I could have easily overshot.

On arrival at Zeus there was one other ship docked, the Starfinder XXXI, I think it’s the first time I have seen the ship with which I share a designation number, no contact was made, I believe the ship was de-manned.

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