Space Skilling Saturday 17 (Gratz to Wolta)

Location:- Arkadia Space.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta, & Myself.

A low turnout this week, both Nocturaline and Vinge are away for a few days.

We started on time, I was already aboard after the earlier warp flight and Wolta came on-line with time to spare, after she checked her stackables I summoned her.

I took the first stint as pilot, with just one person repairing I had to be careful as to how many Cosmic Horrors I had attacking me at any one time, I took it very close to the limit at times and had to leave the seat to prevent the ship from blowing on more than one occasion,  as Wolta said, I was playing with fire. Skilling was rather good though with lots of green messages flowing past. I had to turret the Cosmic Horrors more than once.

After just over an hour we took a short break and then swapped roles. I did struggle to keep the ship in good repair. Wolta was aiming at gaining a skill level in Captain and was very pleased when she got it, gratz to Wolta. It was approaching an hour when I noticed I was getting very low on Welding Wire, so low that I soon would not be able to continue so we swapped roles again.

A further 30 minutes or so and tiredness was creeping up on me, I found my head kept dropping. I let Wolta know and she reported the same thing, maybe there are some fumes being given off by something in the ship (hopefully it’s not me or Wolta), We headed to the Space Station and turreted the last batch of mobs. Then headed back to the surface in Wolta’s Quad without any incident.

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