Space Skilling Saturday 15 (A dozy bunch)

Location:- Arkadia Space.
Time:- 1800 MA.
Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Vinge & Myself.

We started a few minutes late due to the Oratan invasion event, I had to rapidly store the loot I had and head into the big black. Once aboard I checked those on-line were without stackables and issued the summons. We were only 3 at the start due to a latecomer, who logged in about 10 minutes later. Naturally we returned to the station to summon her aboard.

As has become usual, the first stint was mine and I found the skilling to be very good, the time passed very quickly and I was surprised to find I had gone 10 minutes or so over the hour. I was listening to the Mike & Mike podcast (2 of them in total, let me catch up) time normally passes quickly when I do that.

Wolta took the helm next, although she only piloted for about 50 minutes I gained quite a lot of repair so the damage must have been quite high. Vinge seemed to be afk quite a lot, obviously not quite with it.

Next up was Nocturaline, again the damage was heavy, again Vinge seemed to be mostly afk, Wolta was beginning to doze off and I was reconfiguring my Nexus 7 after a complete reset prompted by BT being bloody awkward. With these conditions it took only a momentarily slip by Nocturaline for the ship to blow. We repaired and returned to the hunting grounds where we continued, all a little more alert than previously.

At the end of Nocturaline’s shift, Wolta logged, slumber finally getting the better of her. I returned to the chair to gain more pilot skills while Nocturaline once again began to repair, she was approaching level 30 VSE so we continued until she had it. After which we blew the ship, repaired it and returned to the surface in her quad leaving Vinge logged out on the station.

A fun session with errors and a milestone reached, I wonder if we were drunk!

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