Sub-warp to Calypso

I need to set up the new office/home on Calypso, been coming on a month since I acquired it so I set off at sub-warp with Nocturaline on repair and guns and with Wolta logged off.

A long journey but we detoured a couple of times to skill for a few minutes and almost blew the ship in Gordon’s Belt, where I also tried flying through a large space rock but it seems unlike Crystal Palace these are real! It also gave me time to write my personal blog and the earlier entry regarding the return trip.

We approached Calypso via Crystal Palace, travelling straight through the rock, just to prove a point, bloody minded I am. Space comms had been busy almost the entire journey and it seems several pirates were making a nuisance of themselves at Calypso Space Station so we were prepared.

I positioned the ship just within the safe zone on the planet side of the Space Station and scanned, there were two well know wankers waiting and as we watched they were joined by a third unknown to me wannabe wanker. Nocturaline and myself had no chance. She decided to TP to the surface whilst I elected to hold out until later, I don’t mind going up against one of them but I’m not stupid.

I logged in  later but it was still not favourable, it was also late, if I went now I would just log once I was on the planet so it seemed stupid to bother. I slept and went unhindered the next morning (15-4-14).


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