Space Skilling Saturday 11 (A late warp)

Location:- Arkadian Space.

Present:- Wolta, Nocturaline, Vinge & Myself.

We started a few minutes late and I was first in the chair, during my time I gained quite a lot of skills and managed to assemble the largest group of Cosmic Horrors to date, it is very hard to count them but I think there were at lest 40, consequently the repair crew were kept busy. I stayed in the chair way too long (105 minutes), sorry about that everyone. During my stint as pilot Nocturaline got a VSE level increase which she had been chasing for about 3 weeks. Gratz to her.

Next in the chair was Wolta who stayed for 50 minutes and certainly gave us all a significant amount of work in Engineering. During this time Wolta reported seeing a pirate but he flew off.

Nocturaline’s stint lasted 45 minutes, during this time I noticed both Wolta and Vinge getting several level increases.

It is a pity I cannot say more about what happens when others are in the chair, I have no way to view what is going on.

Wolta and Vinge were both beginning to drop off, partly due to the lateness of the hour but I suspect mostly due to the consumption of various alcohol based beverages, we do like to party while we skill. Maybe I should set up some kind of ship’s radio station, something to look into.

After both Wolta and Vinge had logged Nocturaline took the ship back out with only me on repair (always a bad idea). We had not been skilling long when I received a call form a loyal customer requiring a pick up from Rocktropia and transport to Calypso. There was some confusion with communications at this point as my FL went blank and would not re-populate, I was not receiving anything from our customer and could not tell if they were still on line. While I tried to sort this out Nocturaline manoeuvred us away from the Cosmic Horrors and then came to Engineering to fully repair prior to warp, I should have been doing that but had got confused.

With Communications restored I took the chair and Warped to Rocktropia where I summoned our client who required a logged off transport, I directed attention to this site and waited for them to disconnect before warping to Calypso where they disembarked.

I knew Wolta wanted to visit Calypso so we decided to spend the night there, I aboard ship and Nocturaline on the planet’s surface. I was creating a mail to apprise Wolta of the situation when Nocturaline reported a pirate laying in wait for her to make her run. I immediately transported to the Space Station and boarded my quad so as to assist Nocturaline. Arriving at the scene with a plan simply to delay him while Nocturaline got away. He went to attack Nocturaline once we were both in PVP so I began shooting, I’m a terrible shot, I hope to get better.  I landed several hits which did delay him but Nocturaline turned to join the combat, he destroyed me and did significant damage to Nocturaline’s quad before she reached safety. We repaired and went again, waiting in the Space Station’s protective field while we scanned for activity. He decided not to bother again and was spotted heading in the direction of Crystal Palace, Nocturaline headed for the planet and I returned to the ship where I completed my missive for Wolta before logging for the night.

Altogether an excellent night of skilling with a paying job and some fun at the end.


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