Space Skilling Saturday 10 (Extended Session)

Present this week were Wolta, Nocturaline, Vinge (new blood) and myself. This session took place in Arkadian Space.

Started a few minutes late and on the way out needed to return to the Space Station due to a late comer (who shall remain nameless).

Nocturaline took the first shift in the chair and had an extended stay. She did discover that the new force chat does not work particularly well when entering or leaving a seat, there seem to be 2 force channels so we used a team channel. I had to go AFK for a while and at some point during that time I crashed out. When I logged back in I was invited to a new team.

Wolta took the second shift and I took the third with Vinge wishing to remain in repair.

At the end I dragged the mobs close to the Space Station and after Wolta and Vinge had logged Nocturaline took us out again with me in a gun and I shot and looted those that were not taken care of by the Space Station’s defence shield, no good loot of course. After this I took the chair while Nocturaline spent some time repairing, she is after a level increase so a shame she had to spend so long as pilot this week.

We returned to the planet in Nocturaline’s quad without incident.

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