New Clients

Wolta and myself were standing in Twin Peaks when I noticed someone requesting a warp transport. After a brief conversation it was established that there would be 2 passengers. I asked them to make a team with myself and the other person in it. Then I headed into the big black whilst informing Wolta of the situation.

Once aboard I added my team mates to the guest list and asked them and Wolta to let me know when they were ready and as soon as I had 3 green lights I initiated the summons. We quickly established that neither of our passengers were carrying and manoeuvred away from Calypso Space Station initiating warp as soon as possible.

We exited from warp immediately below Arkadia Space Station and docked within a few seconds.

Both passengers tried to pay me the agreed sum (the standard 23 PED) but I only accepted it from the first and explained to the second.

I think this was one of the fastest and smoothest transports we have done and am pleased with how we have improved over the past year.

Wolta and I headed to Arkadia in my quad and as Arkadia entry is over dry land we both arrived dead :).

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