Space Skilling Saturday 8 (poor skill returns)

Three of us this week, Wolta, Nocturaline and myself. I was aboard early to make preparations and summoned the ladies at the appropriate time.

Wolta took us to the Calypso training grounds and began to take damage, she mentioned that she was getting very few skill gains. We continued for about 50 minutes before a series of unfortunate events occurred, firstly I fell asleep, secondly Wolta crashed to desktop and thirdly Nocturaline did not change repair station quick enough. The upshot of which was the ship going bang. I had to work it out afterwards as the first I knew I was at Crystal Palace TP.

We set out again, this time with Nocturaline at the helm, she also mentioned a lack of skill gains, fortunately we managed to survive this time although I was still dozing off here and there. After about 75 minutes I took the helm and guess what, I got almost no skill gains either, it appears something is afoot! I was only active for about 20 minutes before we decided to quit, Wolta was in danger of passing out so logged, we allowed the ship to be destroyed and repaired it at Crystal Palace and on route to Calypso Space Station. Nocturaline then transported the two us to the surface.

A strange night! To top it off the washing machine developed a fault and the washing is sodden, I’ll look at it tomorrow, maybe!

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