Space Skilling Saturday 6 (perfect timing)

I was expecting to be skilling solo this night as Wolta had a previous commitment however to my surprise she was online and had thoughtfully rearranged things.

I headed spacewards shortly before 1900 and maneuvered the ship so it was close to the Arkadian training grounds. Leaving the helm I asked if Wolta was ready which she was and summoned her, the time was as near to 1900 as I could measure.

Again this week there were only 2 of us, clearly Arkadia is not the best location for this however there were very few people online.

Wolta took the helm and I headed to Engineering with the hunting grounds being so close to the Space Station it was not long before we were taking damage, we continued like this for 1 hour and 15 minutes during which time Wolta got a Captain skill gain.

We took a 15 minute break to knock up and eat some dinner and after that we swapped roles. We continued until 2200 at which point we let the ship be destroyed. Reviving on the Space Station we repaired the ship before making planet fall in my quad.

I think we need to get a few more people involved in this but this seems a difficult task as few are interested.

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