Space Skilling Saturday 5 (Skillus Interruptus)

Again there were not many people on-line, just Wolta and myself to be accurate, we were on Arkadia anyway and most of the regulars are Calypso based so we were not expecting a massive turnout.

I took the helm initially and continued until I had to leave the seat to prevent further damage to the ship, with only one repairer it is difficult to gain many pilot skills. I went to engineering were Wolta and myself fully repaired the ship before Wolta took the helm.

Repair is a fairly dull business especially when alone, chatting is not always easy as the chat windows take focus. After a while Wolta decided to go and make dinner, we repaired the ship first, then she was afk.

I returned to the helm and shortly after received the call from our passenger of yesterday who needed transport back to Calypso. I headed for the Space Station while discussing logged off transport with our client.

Wolta returned just as we docked, I think she was eating her dinner off of the propulsion unit, at least it keeps it warm! I summoned our client and waited to witness log off after passing on the site details. Then I hurried to the helm and set course for Calypso, engaging warp as soon as possible.

The journey was without incident. On arrival Wolta logged and I waited for the return of our client who arrived very shortly. Once again our client left the vessel happy with our service.

I then set course for Arkadia at sub-warp speed and spent the journey chatting with Calico, who had recently logged in and watching the pilot episode of Twin Peaks. Been a long time since I watched any of those and I thoroughly enjoyed it, got all the rest of the episodes to go through now.

Arrived at Arkadia Space Station without issue, only encounter on route was in Gordon’s Belt, where I took some damage but gained no skills. I repaired and then logged for the night.

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