Space Skilling Saturday 3 (Gun Play)

We managed it 3 weeks in a row, this consistency thing may become habit forming.

I manoeuvred the ship from Crystal Palace to Calypso Space Station, it may well have been unnecessary, I need to test if a summons from Crystal Palace will reach the surface of Calypso, it seems the kind of thing that might work. Once docked at the station I issued the summons it was answered by a new skiller “Rocky Exiv balboa” a soc. mate. I knew Nocturaline was coming but she did not respond and Wolta was not on-line. Turns out Nocturaline had suffered a disconnection and I had not seen it in the spam box, a second summons and she also was aboard.

I asked Nocturaline to take the ship out which she did while Exiv and I sat on the guns having a look around for a while before heading into the bowels of the ship to repair. The plan was to give each person an hour at pilot starting from when we encountered the first mob. As we were making our way toward the hunting zone Wolta connected, she had logged off aboard and had been sleeping.

Part way through Nocturaline’s stint as pilot Exiv took to a gun and a little hunting was done with no good results. Exiv took the pilot seat from Nocturaline and after he had had a little practice manoeuvring I went to a gun and hunted myself, again with no good results.

Wolta was next up as pilot for about 45 minutes during which time Exiv had to leave. After which I had a few minutes as pilot but was feeling very tired, Wolta was too so I found a couple of mobs and let them slowly destroy the ship.

Back at Crystal Palace we repaired before saying our good nights.

Quite a good session, could still do with a few more people and the hunting was good fun.

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