Space Skilling Saturday 1 (Chela’s Angels)

The first session went quite well. There were 4 of us, Nouellus Wolta Phenix, Nocturaline Nocturnal Mortiis, Anne Calico Bonny and myself. I tried the Chela’s Angels joke but no one got it.

The session started on time at 1700, we left Calypso Space Station and headed to Calypso hunting grounds, at this point there were only 3 of us as Calico had to come from Arkadia and we rendezvoused in the hunting grounds.

I piloted for the entire session which proved to be a mistake as I’m now on the verge of space blindness but it was good fun and I gained a few skills. The Angels repaired. In future I will try to rotate the pilot position so everyone gets some time behind the controls.

We ended the session an hour after the scheduled time (although Wolta needed to leave a little earlier) by letting the ship be destroyed and then repairing it at Crystal Palace before heading to Calypso Space Station.

I hope we can continue to do this on a weekly basis and that we get a few more people to come along.

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