Been Lax Logging!

This is a bit of a catch up as several journeys have been made of late and I have failed miserably to record them.

7th of December 2013:- Warped to Monria with Wolta for out own amusement, an easy journey especially as the TP from station to the planets surface is free. I know it’s supposed to be a moon but I could not see a planet that it was orbiting.

16th of December 2013:- Sub-warp to Arkadia for a pick-up, quite a long journey but I had football to watch so no problems for me with boredom, the journey was completely uneventful.

17th of December 2013:- Sub-warp to Calypso to deliver the pick-up of yesterday, again it was a completely uneventful journey and again I watched football.

I’m currently aboard ship as is Wolta.

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