Warp to Calypso (for a new client).

Wolta and I were chatting at Arkadia Quarry when I noticed someone requesting a transport to Calypso. After a brief negotiation The client and I TP’d to Sanctuary and then took off in my quad. I had forgotten to make a team or add the client to my FL so I did this remotely and after adding her to the guest list, she came aboard and I beamed Wolta up.

The warp trip was uneventful and our new client seemed happy with our standard price and speed of service, after paying she left and TP’d to the surface of Calypso. (That’s why our standard price is at the moment 23PED, 23+7 = 30 which seems to be the standard asking price just for the warp, by charging 23 we can compete with the Mother Ships that perform the atmosphere dock manoeuvre.)

Wolta and I left for the surface in her quad and we were attacked by pirates, with neither of us carrying it was only an inconvenience , the quad was destroyed and Wolta killed, I managed to die in the vacuum of space before I was hit by  our attacker! I revived standing on top of the Pathfinder and had a wander before returning to the Space Station where we repaired and tried again. There was a second pirate waiting, as it was late we decided to return to the Space Station and log, after arranging to try again at 0700 MA time the following day (today).

Sadly a pirate still lurked and we were blown up again. I’m not sure if the pirate killed me this time as I seemed to die when the quad blew up. We tried for a third time and it seems the saying is true. Once on the surface I logged and returned to bed.

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