Sub-Warp to Calypso

Wolta and myself returned to Calypso at sub-warp. I watched a few episodes of Family Guy and had dinner. Wolta also had dinner but watched something else. No incidents occurred during the journey but once at Calypso Space Station we had a slight issue.

We left the Space Station in my Quad to head for the surface but as soon as we left I crashed to desktop and had to wait to reconnect. Once I had got back in I was floating in space next to the quad, I clicked operate and re-entered the vehicle, I was just explaining to Wolta I had crashed when I died and revived on the Pathfinder.

I tried leaving the Space Station again in a Sleipnir but could not then transfer to the quad so I had to return to the Space Station, recall the quad and wait for Wolta to die and revive before we could continue to the planet.

The journey to the planet passed without incident, de-spawning the quad high in the atmosphere we both plummeted to the surface, Wolta was fine but someone had moved the sea and I hit a jetty, another trip to the revive and all was done.

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