Retrieving Exiv

When we left Arkadia on Sunday we left one of my Soc. mates behind, he was not on line at the time. Exiv asked if I could retrieve him so I prepared for a sub-warp journey to Arkadia (saving a few PED) to pick him up, I informed Nocturaline I was going and she kindly offered to join me on gun or repair, in spite of my warning of boredom.

I rather like sub-warp travel, I usually arrange an in-flight movie and sit back and take it easy for a couple of hours, on this occasion I watched a couple of episodes of “Family Guy” and took a bath which was rather irresponsible, I left the ship on course as we were approaching Zeus Space Station and returned after we had passed through Gordon’s Belt, Nocturaline informed me we were attacked in the Belt by some mobs and she moved to repair the ship. Looking at the log not a lot of damage was sustained.

On arrival at Arkadia Space Station we summoned Exiv and then headed straight back via warp.

Once back at Calypso, Exiv made his way to the surface and Nocturaline and I set off in her Quad but I noticed in local chat a request for transport to the surface from Marie TheOne Omega so we headed back into the station where I spawned my Quad so we could transport her. We then headed for the surface in 2 Quads which is always a little safer.

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